Feel free to reach out to us with any additional questions you may have at contact@karmadata.com.

How much does karmadata cost?

You can review karmadata Plus Pricing here

What is the latest 'Version / Release' for karmadata and in particular Apps such as 'Indicate Investigators' and 'Sponsor Finder'?

We don't use Version / Release numbers as they are typically arbitrary and serve the purpose of marketing and sales, and are not a true reflection of rapid development. We follow agile development philosophy and issue close to a hundred releases annually.

What are the 'Hosting and license set up' details?

We are a cloud based (web site) service that charges an annual subscription for access. There are no hosting or set up requirements for client.

Where is the karmadata server / data located?

Boston, MA

Do you use a 'Cloud'?

We are a Cloud and do not use services such as AWS or Azure. Our database is a cloud hosted Oracle database.

What is the difference between the karmadata feed and a search on karmadata?

The feed platform is different from the search platform in the sense that when you are making a search you are getting results on companies/trials that fit the search you are making. Whether you chose to "follow" companies that came back in the search or follow them on the feed, in the end in your feed will be all of the entities you are following.

What sources are you pulling from?

All of the data sources are listed under the customize feed settings. They include: GlobeNewswire, Orphan Drugs, Business Wire, Crunch Wire, CrunchBase, PR Newswire, clinicaltrials.gov, pubmed, Adverse Event Reporting System, IND Filings, IND Inspections, Devices@FDA, Drugs@FDA, NIH Reporter, US Patent Grants, US Patent Applications You can review our entire list here

What does the kd score mean?

The kdScore for each Investigator encapsulates an investigator's expertise within a disease area by weighting roughly 30 different factors across 7 different data sources. You can read more here

Errors in data?

We link out to the specific source, so you can always click on any of the results and be directed to the source.

What if I have 3 key companies that I want to be updated on, but I do not want to necessarily log into karmadata everyday?

Any activity that would show up on your feed on the karmadata website, will also be emailed to you daily.

Sponsor Finder

What data sources do you use?

We have roughly 40 data sets on the platform. BD and marketing users typically focus on ClinicalTrials.gov, press releases, financings from CrunchBase, and other niche sources like orphan drug designations, NIH grants, and some others

How often are they updated?

Daily. We have web crawlers that go out to every source on a nightly (or in some instances real time) basis. All of that data is packaged up in a daily email to alert you to actionable events in the industry.


User interface is built on Web 2.0 technology so a much more modern look and feel (tablet friendly), and data technology like Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning affords us more scale and more efficiently and effectively codes the data

Why did I not receive a karmadata email update this morning?

Most likely this is because no events or updates occurred with any of the entities you are currently following.

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