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We have created an API to access various levels of the world's healthcare data, enabling developers to create innovative Apps, Live Feed Updates, and tools without having to worry about creating the data. Our App gallery will showcase the best of these, including many from karmadata developers.

Access the World's Healthcare Data...Standardized and Linked

karmadata API

karmadata provides a standard RESTful API to query the world's healthcare data, and to receive results in JSON, XML, Excel, Google DataTable formats (more formats being added). Developers with an API key can build their own apps mashing our Open data sources against their own Private Data.

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PrescribeWellness myHealth.io WCG Clinical
App Gallery

Power Your App with karmadata

The karmadata App Gallery showcases the best in class data apps built by third parties or our own developer team. Try our award winning myHealth.io app to find a physician for a surgical procedure or view the enterprise platforms karmadata powers including, PrescribeWellness and WCG Clinical.

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karmadata Feed

Follow any Disease, Drug, or Organization to receive live updates on your home feed or email. Follow as many entities as you'd like.

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